Fall in Colorado.  Incomparable.  Perhaps I am biased.  Actually, I have seen the colors on the East coast, Appalachian mountains, northern California, and Korea; they are also breathtaking.  But I still love Colorado colors, specifically the aspens.  It is magical … that is if you get to the mountains on time.  You have a very small window to see colors at its peak.  A very tiny one. Nature does not wait for anyone; she rightfully has a mind of her own.


Because of the beautiful autumn colors, I am already thinking about the Fall session of workshops and all the wonderful locations our participants and facilitators will be able to visit.  It is my favorite season and therefore the Fall session will be my personal favorite.  But let me share with you the great progress we are making for the Spring session.


Out of concern for people’s schedule, we have decided to reduce from a 4 to a 3 day session (March 21-23).  Therefore, the Spring session will be divided into 3 main workshops.  We are in the process of defining the topics for them.  Two of the groups have already met and the third group will be meeting this week.  I am excited because the conversations have been wonderful.  We not only have knowledgeable leaders but thoughtful women who are invested in building potential leaders.  We have and will continue to discuss on how to best develop the individual workshops.


We plan to have all the groups organized by mid-October and provide you a fuller description of our workshops by early November.  The leaders will write a short description and topics they will be covering in the individual workshops.  Once we have formed the workshops, we will focus our attention on marketing the organization and raising funds for the Spring session.  If you have a chance, please tell your colleagues, friends, and family about our work.  Perhaps they will know someone who may be interested in participating in the Spring session, donating to Platform, or sharing a blog with us. We are excited about our progress.  And we hope to share our enthusiasm with all of you.


As always, thank you for your support!


Founder. Executive Director

Oct. 3, 2017

Samantha Joo