Welcome to the debut of our website

The journey to form Platform has taken nearly two years of thought, hesitation, research, doubt, and endless discussions.  Not in that order; but the path was definitely circular, if not a zigzag of intersecting ideas.  So what is Platform?  It is an organization that intends to make women with a passion and vision into effective leaders for the socially marginalized in API communities.  It is different from other API women leadership programs.

We are invested in mentoring women from the very beginning of their professional journey to the very end.  And we want to become a resource for them to serve the marginalized in their communities.  Therefore, we have two distinct constituents: potential women leaders and the community.  As a result, we will be able to focus our discussion to specific target populations.  We can and will become a “think tank” so that we may explore creative and daring resolutions for the needs of our API community.

In the process of developing this organization, I had the privilege of meeting many wonderful leaders within the API community.  To develop relevant and effective workshops, I interviewed more than 30 women (see the results of the study under Research Report).  They are truly remarkable women who have dedicated their lives and resources to serve their community.  Without question, they are an inspiration.  This diverse group of women will become our consultants and facilitators for the workshops.  They are the backbone of Platform; without them, we could and would not have developed this organization.  Presently, we are meeting with them to design the most effective workshops for our participants.  And as soon as we form our groups, we will inform you of our leadership team.

The challenge now is to raise funds for our first session (March 20-23).  We have and are continuing to apply for grant money.  In addition, we have and will be reaching out to community leaders to help us subsidize the workshops.  We need to raise approximately $10,000 to make the workshops affordable for everyone.  And for those participants who cannot afford them altogether, we are trying to create scholarships.  Ideally, we want to be able to financially support all the participants for our first session.  But raising funds is always difficult and uncertain.  This is the reason why we need your support.

 As we hear from our donors and foundations, we will share the news with you.  Until then, we are asking for volunteers to help us strategize and market our organization.


Many thanks to all our supporters!

Founder. Executive Director

Sept. 4, 2017

Samantha Joo