We visualize a global society
in which daring women
can become a platform
for the socially marginalized
in our communities.



A community is transformed when people work together for a common cause. Platform therefore intends to bring people from the academic, religious, business, grassroots, and nonprofit sectors into one space to empower daring women. In this space, these women will learn how to become effective leaders so they can become a platform for the socially marginalized in our communities.

Women have traditionally been oppressed in their communities. As a result, they have developed unique perspectives from their experiences living on the periphery of society. In spite of their potential and actual contributions to the conversation and work to change communities to mainstream the socially marginalized, they have been excluded or relegated to minor roles. Therefore, Platform wants to create the most conducive space to foster creative and constructive atmosphere for daring women to grow as leaders in their communities. We offer resources, network, and workshops to women so that they may take their visions and effectively transform their communities by establishing social justice, human rights, and dignity for everyone.

While our focus is mainly on daring women, our events are open to everyone.




“It is not in the still calm of life, or the repose of a pacific station, that great characters are formed. The habits of a vigorous mind are formed in contending with difficulties.”

-Abigail Adams





interview with Hang Nguyen

Hang Nguyen is the Executive Director for BPSOS Center for Community Advancement, Inc. (BPSOS-CCA) in Westminster, California. BPSOS is the largest national Vietnamese nonprofit community-based organization in the U.S. with a 39-years track record of serving the Vietnamese community. As of date, she has been instrumental to BPSOS-CCA and has brought in about $4 million in funding to the Vietnamese community of Orange County. Ms. Nguyen is passionate about criminal justice, social reform, and promotion of youth programs.

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