Women have traditionally been marginalized in the East and Asian-Pacific American communities that have been affected by patriarchy and colonization/oppression/invisibility. As a result, they have developed unique perspectives from their experiences living on the periphery of society. In spite of their potential and actual contributions to the conversation and work for the socially marginalized, they have been excluded or relegated to minor roles. Therefore, we have created this organization to empower creative, courageous, and visionary women to become leaders for the “other” in their communities. We want to provide them with the resources and tools to realize their vision in existing or by creating non-profit organizations (religious organizations and NGO).

We want to invest in mentoring women leaders who plan to work passionately for those who are marginalized because of sexism, heterosexism, classism, racism, ethnocentricism, nationalism, nativism, ableism, and ageism. We welcome all women from various backgrounds who dare to dream and realize their visions for the marginalized in the East and Asian-Pacific American communities.

We plan to offer resources, network, workshops, seminars, events, and scholarships/fellowships to women so that they may take their visions and effectively transform their communities to establish social justice, human rights, and dignity for everyone.