Our Vision

Empowering women.



We want to create a world in which women leaders become a platform for the socially marginalized in Asian-Pacific Islander communities.

Mission Statement

To mentor and train potential and established women leaders so they are able to define specific needs of the socially marginalized in their API communities; to find creative solutions for these needs; and to develop a hybrid-model for non-profit organizations to grow funds.

We want to invest in women leaders who plan to work passionately for those who are marginalized because of sexism, heterosexism, classism, racism, ethnocentricism, nationalism, nativism, ableism, ageism, and anthropocentrism.  We welcome all women from various backgrounds who dare to dream and realize their visions for the marginalized in API communities.

We plan to offer resources, network, workshops, seminars, and fellowships to women so that they may take their visions and effectively transform their communities to establish social justice, human rights, and dignity for everyone.

  first drafts of Platform logo   

first drafts of Platform logo