“If you spend your life trying to be good at everything, you will never be great at anything.” 

Tom Rath

June is over already and I’ve been to the mountains only twice this year.  Yes, it has been a busy year so far and it will get busier, at least for me.  I will be taking on a full time and a part-time job. And I have a handful of on-going projects that will consume my weekends.  So what does it all mean for Platform? That is a very good question. Since I will be preoccupied, I am presently recruiting more volunteers who could help our organization grow.  So we will have regular bloggers, grant proposal writers, and of course, our event coordinator, Pauline, and marketing coordinator, Manuela. I am also thinking about adding an organizer, someone who can put everything together.

Then where will that put me?  I’ve always hated micro-managing; it is not my style.  I absolutely hate repeating myself and still, I expect things to be done.  Yet I’ve had to basically manage everything, repeat myself, and labor in areas I am not even remotely gifted in the last 2 years.  It hasn’t been good for me or for Platform. It has made me less effective in the areas I am more qualified. I am first and foremost a mentor and a teacher, someone who can train people to lead.  I am able to sense people’s potential and give them the space to develop with a few nudges. Second, I am able to implement a project. It might take me some time but I will finish the work. Third, I am a trailblazer.  Yes, I don’t like to follow; I like to set the momentum.

So how can I use my strengths to build up Platform?  I want to train our volunteers and facilitators so they can make a bigger impact for us and our communities.  This is the reason why I would like to start our summer retreat exclusively for our past and potential volunteers and facilitators.  It will be a time for us to connect, form lasting relationships through meals and excursions, and grow so we can become more effective in our work.  Also, I want to network with people who can help me set up Platform workshops in other cities. I still believe that Platform’s workshop structure will be helpful for women all around the country and globally.  But I am realizing this process will take much more time than I thought. I am not the most patient person; yet I believe we can and will get there. Where? A society where women would lead the work in social justice in which Platform will play a small but powerful role.

It will be a challenging year as we struggle forward to put all the pieces in order.  But Platform won’t be going away just because I have too many obligations. With or without me, I want to make Platform a force in our world.

Founder. Executive Director

July. 01, 2019

Samantha Joo