“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
~African proverb

If you ever see a photo of me on a hike, I am usually walking alone, ahead of my nieces or family members.  I hate waiting for anyone and I always feel the need to arrive. Where? To the destination. It is never about the journey but arriving because I always feel this urgent need to finish what I have started.  And I feel that other people will slow me down and for that reason, I actually don’t even take my dogs for very long walks. So the quote is true, I do arrive more quickly if I go alone. Not the most pleasant experience since I am focused on getting there but I will usually get to the finish line.  It can be exhausting since I am always intent upon finishing without really getting to enjoy the journey.

However, if I am ever walking with anyone by my side, usually a friend or a student with whom I want to chat about life, I forget that I am walking a torturous path or rarely aware of time (unless of course, the person is a real bore).  And before I know it, I’ve not only arrived but have gone beyond the destination. It may have taken longer but we are able not only to share and appreciate the views, but help each other over big boulders or encourage one another as we get disheartened and want to return.  We become one in our goal, pushing each other as we dig into our strengths to benefit the other. So the second half of the African proverb is also true.

Well, how does the wise African proverb apply to Platform?  I have spent the first year developing Platform, trying to grow it into a viable organization.  Don’t get me wrong. We have had some of the most wonderful people accompany us on this journey and their help, advice, and sincere encouragement have pushed us forward.  But Platform has reached out, not worked with other organizations. I personally have been wary of partnerships because of the potential compromises and sometimes sacrifices, especially in the beginning when the relationship is unequal and the mission/vision is not always clearcut.  Now though, the time has come for sustainable partnerships to grow Platform. As to how and with whom we will be forming partnerships, well, that will be in our next newsletter.

There will be more changes, definitely for the better and without question, in line with the mission of Platform.

Founder. Executive Director

December. 01, 2018

Samantha Joo