Summer is almost over.   The early morning sunrise, gardening, outdoor activities, and the carefree attitude that accompanies the sunshine.  Work feels like a drudgery compared to all the fun one could potentially have in the mountains or the beaches or just sitting on the patio with a nice book.  Maybe that feeling is year round but you sense it more in the summer.

With Fall just around the corner, it is time to get serious about life and especially here at Platform, for the Fall event.  We will be hosting the Roundtable - Social Entrepreneurship on September 21 (8 am - 3 pm) at the University of Denver (Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science #400).  It will be quite the meeting with some of the most creative and entrepreneurial minds in nonprofit. Both the attendees and presenters have been carefully selected so they can contribute to the conversation that will help Platform develop a tool kit for social entrepreneurship.  I can’t wait - because there is nothing more that I like than a challenging conversation. It grows my ability to solve problems and understand the world.

While the event is closed to the general public, we will have the results of the discussion available at a small cost to small nonprofit organizations which want to venture into social entrepreneurship.  We are investing our time, energy, resources, and money into helping small organizations fund their programs, staff, and/or overhead. Everyone knows the difficulty in raising money for nonprofit organizations and we are wanting to explore creative ways to secure stable income for them.  How wonderful will it be if we can develop models in which organizations can make a few hundred to several thousand dollars a month without having to beg donors for money. But that is our goal, not just for other organizations but also for us at Platform.

Founder, Executive Director

September 01, 2018

Samantha Joo