“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

- Albert Camus

As I watch the leaves fall, the grass turn lifeless brown, and the freezing cold air settle in, I realize that winter is just around the corner.  I use to love winter - the beautiful, magical, and bounteous snow of Colorado, the holidays, and the break from school (yes!) - but now, I associate winter with death.  The cold that squeezes the life out of nature; everything dies or falls into deep hibernation.  Yet this process of life-to-death is necessary for the regeneration in Spring.  In fact, I learned that in Colorado, the freezing cold is essential in winter.  For two decades, the winter in Colorado was too warm, which allowed these insects, the mountain pine beetles to overproduce.  They ravaged our forests; over 260,000 acres of trees were infested and needed to be cut down.  Trees that were hundreds of years old were gone - poof!

Death is necessary for regeneration in nature.  But it is difficult to see, painful to endure, and bitter to reflect.  What do I mean?  Symbolically for me, death represents an end or a failure which forces us to re-evaluate our choices, our lives.  Not immediately, of course.  We usually vent, resist, and become recalcitrant.  No one likes change and definitely failure.  But if we must go forward, we have to open ourselves to new possibilities, the unknown.  And this is frightening, and on occasion, exhilarating.  It is a tumultuous ride since so much is out of our control.


Having said that, I want to share our progress.  We are still in the process of forming and consolidating the leadership for our workshops.  We wanted to have all our teams developed by now.  However, we are making some changes and plan to have a team for each workshop by next week.  Hopefully.  And without question, we will continuously have conversations that will help us effectively develop the most beneficial workshop for all our participants.  At the very core of everyone who form our team is a drive to serve our communities by developing leadership among API women.  They are phenomenal women.


I must admit that this process has not been smooth but with every curve ball, our consultants and facilitators have been extremely patient and generous with their time and resources.  They embody leadership, not because of their titles, but because of their character which is the reason why they occupy the role they have within the nonprofit organizations.  They are amazing women and soon you will get an opportunity to know them.


So keep checking our website and social media; we will update you with the development of our organization.  And remember, as difficult as it may be to face an end/failure in any venture, there is regeneration.  But unlike nature, WE need to get up and step into action.  We must learn that there is an “invincible summer” within us.


Founder. Executive Director

Nov. 7, 2017

Samantha Joo