Envision the Change Workshop Series

Are you interested in making your community more equitable and inclusive?
Do you want to increase your self-awareness and understanding of your community?

This series of workshops is designed to help passionate and visionary participants become more self-aware as they learn to navigate themselves in the social impact sector. They will explore their self-worth to comfortably engage in society; consciously choose/mold their role in service to a target community; and understand the oppressive system that makes certain segments of the community marginalized. Therefore, we will hold three distinct but interdependent workshops: self-discovery, target community, and intersectionality of oppression.  They will be led by facilitators who are experienced in the social impact sector and are fully invested in serving the underserved within their own community.

Participants can attend any one event but sustainable growth is more evident in a community setting.  Therefore, we highly recommend that participants try to attend all the workshops so they can develop stronger bonds with each other. 


Anyone, especially womxn of color, who is interested in actively, consciously pursuing social justice work in the social impact sector.   We encourage students, activists, volunteers/staff at nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, and people at the start or crossroads of their career to join us.


Iliff School of Theology
2323 E. Iliff Ave.
Denver, CO 80210


*breakfast and lunch included


workshop 1
may 4 (8:30am-4:30PM)

Reflecting on the journey that brings you to this moment can inform the future path you chart. This workshop will facilitate an intimate study of your past, your identities, and the passions and values that underlie how you show up in the world. Through this exploration, you will move closer to identifying, understanding, and appreciating your strengths in order to articulate your unique vision.

target community

workshop 2
may 11 (8:30am-4:30PM)

Recognizing how our skills can be used in a community is essential to begin any work in the social impact sector. This workshop will provide tools that will give you a more thorough awareness of the community you want to serve.  These tools will help you define your community, understand its assets, determine its needs, and explore available opportunities in the social impact sector.


workshop 3
may 18 (8:30am-4:30PM)

Recognizing the intersection between privilege and oppression in our multiple identities enables us to make a deeper impact in our communities. Intersectionality provides a framework and an entry point to understanding how our identities are connected to larger systems of oppression. Through movement, facilitated conversation, and identity based caucusing, you will be encouraged to reflect on your points of privilege and oppression. This in turn will allow us to intentionally explore how external oppression shows up in professional and personal settings.



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